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Organization Structure
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Division of Advanced Power System
Date:2017-12-23 | View:

  The division of advanced power system mainly focuses on the researches of advanced and novel power systems related technologies, taking the advantages of the first level discipline of power engineering and engineering thermal-physics, as well as Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions.  The division possesses an active, creative and cooperative research team, mainly consists of young scholars, heading by professors who have high reputations in the discipline. The research works include fundamental researches and applied fundamental researches. The division will be a research platform of international significance at the investigations of the theories and technologies of fuel injection, spray and combustion of IC engines, alternative fuels, combustion of gas turbines, fuel cell, and micro power systems.

  Major research directions
  · The Common Rail injection technologies for diesel engines
  · The spray and combustion theories and technologies for the new generation I.C. engines
  · The key technologies of alternative fuel engines
  · High precision computation for turbulence and combustion
  · The thermal/acoustic coupled instability in the combustion of chamber gas turbine
  · Fuel cell technologies
  · Micro power systems

  Test platform:
  PLIF (Planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging) system
  PLII (Planar laser-induced incandescence imaging) system
  · Micro-PIV Particle Image Velocimetry
  · New Generation Phase Doppler Interferometer
  · High speed camera
  · optical engines
  · constant volume combustion bomb
  · visualization experimental platform for the internal flow in nozzle of diesel engines
  · Visualization experimental platform for Natural Gas/DME partially premixed combustion
  · Experimental platform for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
  · Visualization of the combustion of Micro free piston engine
  · High performance computation cluster system

  In these researching directs, recently more than 10 achievements have passed the evaluation at or above provincial and ministerial level, 1 of which were awarded as technological progress award of the ministry of education, 2 of which were awarded as provincial technological progress award of Jiangsu, 2 of which were awarded as technological progress award of the China Machinery Industry Federation. Additionally, about 10 NSFC Programs, as well as more than 20 provincial and ministerial level projects have been approved. Moreover, 20 or so patents have been authorized, 4 books, and 100 or so academic papers which have been indexed by SCI or EI database were published.

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