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Organization Structure
Organization Structure
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Division of Chemical Energy
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  Based on discipline superiority of the Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics and Chemical Engineering and Technology, new technology for efficient utilization of fossil energy and electrochemical energy storage are mainly investigated. On the view of the national energy strategy to deal with the environmental protection and climate change, high-performance key materials for desulfurization and denitration is developed to achieve efficient clean utilization of gasoline and diesel. Highly effective critical materials for lithium battery, new supercapacitor and perovskite solar cells are explored to meet the application requirements of new energy in the field of energy storage. Our laboratory has been striving to build excellent scientific research platform, organize high-level group and cultivate professional talents in the field of chemical energy forming characteristic research direction.

  Research direction
  · Clean Utilization of Fossil Energy
  · Novel material and key technology of supercapacitor
  · Lithium battery

  Experimental platform
  · BiStat potentiostat
  · Multichannel potentiostats
  · Electrochimical analysis system
  · Glovebox
  · Gas chromatograph
  · Electrochemical workstation
  · Chemical energy experiment platform

  Our laboratory has achieved fruitful results including more than 100 high-level SCI research paper, 30 patents for invention and 10 authorization for a patent for invention. Nowadays, our research direction is leading the domestic and international position with keynote lectures

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