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Junfeng LIU
Date:2017-12-21 | View:

Junfeng LIU Ph. D.
Tel.: (+86) 18852851505
Add.: Energy Research Institue, Jiangsu University
Research Interests: Functional nanomaterials, Electrocatalysis

Ph. D. 2019 Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain
M. S. 2015 School of Chemical Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
B. S. 2012 Department of Material and Chemical Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, China

Research Area
1. Controlled synthesis of functional nanomaterials
2. Electrocatalysis
3. Fuel cell

[1] J. Liu, Z. Luo, J. Li, X. Yu, J. Llorca, D. Nasiou, J. Arbiol, M. Meyns, A. Cabot, Graphene-supported palladium phosphide PdP2 nanocrystals for ethanol electrooxidation, Appl. Catal. B - Environ. 2019, 242, 258-266  (IF = 14.23)
[2] J. Liu, X. Yu, R. Du, C. Zhang, T. Zhang, J. Llorca, J. Arbiol, Y. Wang, M. Meyns, A. Cabot. Chromium phosphide CrP as highly active and stable electrocatalysts for oxygen electroreduction in alkaline media. Appl. Catal. B - Environ. 2019, 256, 117946 (IF = 14.23)
[3] J. Liu, M. Meyns, T. Zhang, J. Arbiol, A. Cabot, A. Shavel, Triphenyl phosphite as the phosphorus source for the scalable and cost-effective production of transition metal phosphides, Chem. Mater. 2018, 30, 1799-1807 (IF = 10.16)
[4] J. Liu, S. Wang, K. Kravchyk, M. Ibanez, F. Krumeich, R. Widmer, D. Nasiou, M. Meyns, J. Llorca, J. Arbiol, M. V. Kovalenko, A. Cabot, SnP nanocrystals as anode materials for Na-ion batteries, J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 10958-10966 (IF = 10.73)
[5] J. Liu, Z. Wang, J. David, J. Llorca, J. Li, X. Yu, A. Shavel, J. Arbiol, M. Meyns, A. Cabot, Colloidal Ni2-xCoxP nanocrystals for the hydrogen evolution reaction, J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 11453-11462 (IF = 10.73)
[6] J. Liu, G. Lin, C. Xiao, Y. Xue, A. Yang, H. Ren, W. Lu, H. Zhao, X. Li, Z. Yuan, Sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for α-fetoprotein based on graphene/SnO2/Au nanocomposite, Biosensor. Bioelectron. 2015, 71, 82-87 (IF = 9.52)
[7] J. Liu, X. Zhang, C. Xiao, A. Yang, H. Zhao, Y. He, X. Li, Z. Yuan, Colorimetric and visual determination of dicyandiamide using gallic acid-capped gold nanoparticles, Microchim. Acta 2015, 182, 435-441 (IF = 5.48)
[8] X. Fang, J. Liu, J. Wang, H. Zhao, H. Ren, Z. Li, Dual signal amplification strategy of Au nanopaticles/ZnO nanorods hybridized reduced graphene nanosheet and multienzyme functionalized Au@ZnO composites for ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of tumor biomarker, Biosensor. Bioelecron. 2017, 97, 218-225
[9] X. Cui, J. Liu, A. Yang, X. Fang, C. Xiao, H. Zhao, H. Ren, Z. Li, The synthesis of polyamidoamine modified gold nanoparticles/SnO2/graphene sheets nanocomposite and its application in biosensor, Colloids. Surf. A 2017, 520, 668-675
[10] C. Xiao, J. Liu, A. Yang, H. Zhao, Y. He, X. Li, Z. Yuan, Colorimetric determination of neomycin using melamine modified gold nanoparticles, Microchim. Acta 2015, 182, 1501-1507
[11] C. Xiao, X. Zhang, J. Liu, A. Yang, H. Zhao, X. Li, Y. He, Z. Yuan, Sensitive colorimetric detection of melamine with 1, 4-dithiothreitol modified gold nanoparticles, Anal. Methods 2015, 7, 924-929
[12] C. Xing, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Liu, T. Zhang, P. Tang, J. Arbiol, L. Soler, K. Sivula, N. Guijarro, X. Wang, J. Li, R. Du, Y. Zuo, A. Cabot, J. Llorca, Porous NiTiO3/TiO2 nanostructures for photocatatalytic hydrogen evolution, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2019, 7, 17053-17059
[13] J. Li, Z. Luo, Y. Zuo, J. Liu, T. Zhang, P. Tang, J. Arbiol, J. Llorca, A. Cabot, NiSn bimetallic nanoparticles as stable electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction, Appl. Catal. B - Environ. 2018, 234, 10-18
[14] J. Li, Z. Luo, F. He, Y. Zuo, C. Zhang, J. Liu, R. Du, X. Yu, T. Zhang, P. Tang, M. F. I. Carrió, J.Arbiol, J. Llorca, A. Cabot, Colloidal Ni-Co-Sn Nanoparticles as Efficient Electrocatalysts for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction, J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 22915-22924


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