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  Lian DUAN Assistant research fellow
  Tel: +86-13815178441
  Add. : Room 1512, Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University
  Resarch Interests:Hydrodynamics in Common-rail diesel injector, Two-phase Flow

  Ph.D., 2015 PowerFluid Machinery and Engineering, Jiangsu University, China
  M.S., 2010 Engineering Thermophysics, Jiangsu University, China
  B.S., 2006 Engineering Thermophysics, Jiangsu University, China
  Professional experience
  2016.2-present: Assistant research fellow, Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University, China
  2011.8-2015.10: Development Engineer (Internship), Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute of FAW, China.

  Research Interests
  ? Hydrodynamics in Common-rail Diesel Injector
  ? Numerical Simulation and Visual Experiment of Two-phase Flow in Diesel Injectors
  ? Theory and Technology of Thermal Fluid in Utilization of Energy

  2011-2015, National Science and Technology Major Project of China (Grant No. 2011ZX04001-061), “Research and development of manufacturing technology and key equipment in electronic-control diesel common rail injection system”.
  2010-2015, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51239005), “Research on cavitation and countermeasure in hydraulic mechanisms”.
  2007-2010, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province (Grant No. BK2008245), “Research on novel modularized micro-thermophotovoltaic system”.
  2007-2010, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50706016), “Study of parallel channel micro-combustion in new-type modularized MTPV energy system”.

  Selected Papers
  [1] Lian Duan ,Shou-qi Yuan,Lin-feng Hu,Wen-ming Yang ,Jian-da Yu,Xing-lan Xia,Injection performance and cavitation analysis of an advanced 250 MPa common rail diesel injector,International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,2016,93:388-397. SCI (IF: 2.813)
  [2] Lian Duan, Lin-feng Hu, Shou-qi Yuan, et al. “Analysis on parameter sensitivity of fuel injection consistency in common rail injector based on Monte Carlo method & RSM,” Chinese Internal Combustion Engine Engineering, 2015, vol.36, iss.2, pp.132-138 and 144. EI accession no.20152100877329.
  [3] Lian Duan, Shou-qi Yuan, Lin-feng Hu, et al. “Cavitation analysis of control-valve in high-pressure common rail injector,” Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2015, vol.46, iss.5, pp.321-327. EI accession no. 20152400941459.
  [4] Lian Duan, Shou-qi Yuan, Lin-feng Hu, et al. “Monte Carlo method application in reliability analysis of common rail injection system,” Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition), 2016, (2): 155-161.
  [5] Lin-feng Hu, Lian Duan. “Consistency of FCRS Common Rail Injector Fuel Injection Performance Experiment Analysis,” Modern Vehicle Power, 2015, iss.1, pp.1-5.
  [6] Hong Xue, Lian Duan, Jian-feng Pan, et al. “Combustion experiment of plane cell type MTPV power system,” Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition), 2009, vol.30, iss.1, pp.44-48. EI accession no. 20090811914937.
  [7] Jian-feng Pan, Lian Duan, Jun Huang, et al. “Effect of porous medium on combustor performance in micro-thermophotovoltaic system,” Journal of Combustion Science and Technology, 2010, vol.16, iss.1, pp.74-78. EI accession no. 20101612868907.
  [8] Jian-feng Pan, Jun Zhou, Lian Duan, et al. “Premixed combustion of hydrogen and oxygen in sub-millimeter channels,” Journal of Combustion Science and Technology, 2011, vol.17, iss.3, pp.219-223. EI accession no. 20113714322682.
  [9] W M Yang,H An,J Li,L Duan,Impactof methane addition on the performance of biodiesel fueled diesel engine,Applied Energy,2015,160:784-792。 SCI (IF: 5.613)

  [1] Lian Duan, Shou-qi Yuan, Lin-feng Hu, et al. “A split-type diesel injector body,” Publication, CN104653374A, 2015-05-27.
  [2] Lian Duan, Jian-feng Pan, Hong Xue, et al. “A generator based on solar and fuel energy,” Granting Patent Right, CN101562412B, 2012-05-23.

  Dec.2011, Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, Second Prize. “Research, popularization and application on the working process and key technology of power machines”, China.
  Jun.2010, Excellent Master Graduate, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University, China.
  Jun.2009, Excellent Graduate Student, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University, China.
  Jun.2009, Second Class Scholarship, Jiangsu University, China.

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