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Associate Professor Chenghua Sun from Swinburne University of Technology held a seminar with Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University
Date:2020-01-06 | View:

  Chenghua Sun, an associate professor from the Swinburne University of Technology, was invited to Institute for Energy Research of our university and held a seminar at 1517 lecture hall on December 28, 2019. The topic of this seminar was “Computer Molecular Structure Design of Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesising”. Professor Zhixia He, Deputy Dean of the Institute, chaired the seminar. Some teachers and students from Institute for Energy Research and School of Materials Science and Engineering attended the seminar.

  Prof. Sun, focusing on the topic of “CAMD for Ammonia Synthesis”, firstly demonstrated two mainstream computational simulation methods including molecular dynamics (MD) and density functional theory (DFT). The combination of these two methods could solve majority simulation demands of materials and chemistry, which provided opportunities and data foundations for material intelligent design with artificial intelligence as the core. After that, utilizing the most advanced computing technology to targeted assist, design and synthesis of new energy materials, he introduced how to use computer-assisted molecular structure design to screen out catalysts with excellent performance. Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia was illustrated by him as an example, which screened out a series of theoretically excellent electrocatalyst through computer-aided simulation. Finally, Prof. Sun introduced the progress of his research teammates in theoretical calculations. After the report, Prof. Sun actively communicated and discussed with audiences.
  Dr Chenghua Sun graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007 and then joined the University of Queensland as postdoc fellow. In 2013, Dr Sun joined the School of Chemistry, Monash University as a lecturer and established his group on Computer-Aided Catalyst Design. Later, Dr Sun was awarded ARC Future Fellow and joined Swinburne University of Technology in 2017. His research focuses on catalyst design for clean energy and environment applications, particularly for ammonia synthesis at room temperature, efficient methane combustion and biomass conversion.

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