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Prof. Zhixia He Was Invited to Give a Plenary Lecture on the ILASS-Asia 2019 International Conference in Yamaguchi University, Japan
Date:2020-01-03 | View:

  In Dec 20thto 24th, 2019, Prof. Zhixia He, from the Institute for Energy research of Jiangsu University, with Wenjun Zhong and Yanzhi Zhang, visited Yamaguchi University, Japan to attend the ILASS-Asia 2019 International conference.

  Prof. He, represent the Chinese research team, was invited to give the first plenary presentation during this conference. The report title is ‘Vortex Induced String Cavitation in Diesel Injector Nozzles and Its Effects on Spray Atomization’. Through the report, peers at home and abroad had a further understanding about Jiangsu University. They offered sufficient affirmation to the work and achievements made by Jiangsu University in nozzle flow and spray research field.
   During the meeting, Prof. He exchanged with the delegates and established extensive contacts with them. Through our efforts, Jiangsu University obtained the right to host the ILASS-Asia 2020. This will expand and enhance the international influence of Jiangsu University.

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