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Professor Li Hexing from Shanghai Electric Power University Came to our institute and made an academic report
Date:2019-12-31 | View:

  On December 25, 2019, Professor Li Hexing of Shanghai University of Electric Power visited our university's Energy Research Institute by invitation and made an academic report entitled "Research on Microwave Click Assembly Composite Photocatalyst and Its Pollution Control" in the Third Lecture Hall of the Conference Center. Professor Li Huaming, Executive Deputy Dean of the Institute, presided over the lecture. More than 100 teachers and students from the Energy Research Institute, the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Environmental Safety, and the School of Materials attended the lecture.

  At the report, Professor Li Hexing focused on the topic of "Microwave Click Assembly Composite Photocatalyst and Its Pollution Control", and first introduced photocatalysis in the fields of environmental purification, pollution resource utilization, hydrogen energy production, solar energy conversion, and clean organic synthesis. China has broad application prospects, and the key issues that need to be solved urgently are to improve light absorption and capture. In response to these problems, the research team has introduced the catalyst composition modification, morphology and pore structure cutting, and surface chemical modification. research work. In particular, the latest research progress in the application of microwave technology in the fields of positioning and modification type and assembly type composite nano semiconductor materials is introduced. Finally, the work of its research team in the application of photocatalytic industry is also introduced. After the report meeting, Mr. Li had a warm exchange and discussion with teachers and students, and visited the History Museum of Jiangsu University.

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