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Professor Michele Battistoni from University of Perugia
Date:2019-12-12 | View:

  On December 6, 2019, Professor Michele Battistoni from the University of Perugia was invited to visit our school and gave an academic report entitled "Towards predictive two-phase flow and combustion simulations in future energy systems" in our 1517 lecture hall. Professor Zhixia He of ourcollege chaired the report, and the teachers and students of the Energy Research Institute listened to the report.

  At the report, Professor Michele Battistoni introduced the new spray Euler model proposed by his research team on the theme of "flow, spray and combustion of liquid fuel in power equipment", and discussed the subcritical and supercritical states of real fluids Thermodynamic equations.At the same time, using the latest models of spark-ignition engine combustion provided us with detailed information on new plasma-assisted ignition systems. After the report, Professor Michele had an in-depth exchange and discussion with teachers and students, and visited the related laboratories of our college.
  Michele Battistoni is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of Perugia in Italy. He was appointed Visiting Professor at KAUST (Saudi Arabia) in 2019. His research and teaching interests lie in the areas of energy-thermal-fluid sciences, thermo-fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, CFD modeling, with main applications to engines, advanced fuels and injection systems, bio-derived and alternative fuel sprays and combustion. He published 30+ journal papers and 40+ peer-reviewed conference papers. His recent interests include high fidelity simulations of two-phase flows for fuel injection systems with heat and mass transfer, advanced ignition systems modeling, spray and combustion modeling in advanced internal combustion engines.

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