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An academic salon was given by Dr. Jiang Linsong in our institute
Date:2019-11-15 | View:

On November 13, at the academic salon activity of the Institute for Energy Research (IFER), Dr. Jiang Linsong in our institute made a report and summarized the research work in recent years, the relevant teachers of IFER listened to the report.

At the report meeting, Dr. Jiang Linsong introduced the development of combustion in porous media and their research status around the research topic of “Pore-scale simulation of turbulent premixed combustion in randomly packed porous media”. The previous part of the report explained the research in the field of simulation of manufacturing process for porous medium. In the latter part of the report, visualization experiment and pore-scale simulation of turbulent flow and combustion process in the porous media structure. After the presentation, a heated discussion was continued with the present teachers.

Dr. Jiang Linsong was graduated from Dalian University of Technology and obtained doctoral degree. She joined our institute from June 2019. In recent years, her research focused on turbulence and combustion in packed media. She has published 5 research paper in related fields including Applied Thermal Engineering, Chemical Engineering Sicence, Powder Technology, Energy & Fuels, Solar Energy etc.

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