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Professor Chenglin Yan of Suzhou University came to our university to give a report
Date:2019-05-27 | View:

  Lithium-sulfur batteries possess high theoretical specific energy and specific capacity, which makes lithium-sulfur batteries become one of the research focuses at present. However, during the charging and discharging process of the lithium-sulfur battery, the generation and conversion of lithium sulfide seriously hamper the battery efficiency. Hence, Prof. Chenglin Yan introduced the research work of the research group in the following six aspects: (1) in situ electronic conductivity characterization technology of single nanotube; (2) in-situ UV spectrum analysis technology for Li-S batteries; (3) solid interface characterization technology of in situ Raman electrolyte; (4) in-situ synchrotron radiation gas-solid interface characterization technology; (5) in-situ optical microscope observation technology for the growth of lithium dendrites; (6) in situ X-ray diffraction and infrared interface characterization technology. Finally, Prof. Chenglin Yan also answered questions from teachers and students.

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