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Dr.Murugesan was invited to give a lecture in Jiangsu University
Date:2019-04-25 | View:

  On April 24, 2019, at the invitation of the energy research institute, Meenatchidevi Murugesan postdoctoral researcher made an academic report entitled "thermo-acoustic analysis via complex network approach" in the 1517 lecture hall, which was presided over by Professor ping wang of the energy research institute and heard by the teachers and students of the energy research institute.

  She introduced the experimental research on the nonlinear characteristics of thermoacoustic oscillation, and devoted herself to the research on the complex network method to study the transition of thermo-acoustic system. This is the first application of the complex network theory in thermoacoustics. Turbulent premixed/partially premixed combustion, thermoacoustic instability, flame blowout, visual diagnosis of combustion are introduced. The fundamental principles of global hydrodynamic instability, combustion instability and flame eruption initiation, and the application of the tools of dynamical systems and complex network theory to laminar, turbulent, reactive and nonreactive flow systems.
  Meenatchidevi Murugesan is a postdoctoral researcher. She received her PhD from the Indian institute of technology madras in 2016 and worked as an assistant researcher at the Hong Kong university of science and technology from 2016-2018. Research areas include turbulent premix/partially premix combustion, thermoacoustic instability, flame extinguishing, visual diagnosis of combustion, and the application of dynamic systems, complex networks, and synchronous theoretical methods to the analysis of combustion flow systems.

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