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Gas turbine expert Mr. Antonio academic reports
Date:2019-04-25 | View:

  At 10 o 'clock on the morning of April 24, 2019, with the invitation of professor ping wang, Mr. Antonio, a famous Italian combustion expert, delivered an academic report entitled helmholtz-resonators tested on full scale gas turbine combustor in 1517 lecture hall of energy research institute of jiangsu university. The report was hosted by professor ping wang and attracted teachers as well as a number of master and doctoral students.

  Antonio has accumulated lots of experience in the design of combustion experimental machines, the application of various measurement technologies, the development of combustion experiment and the budget optimization control, etc. His research areas include: visual measurement of flame and image processing; Application of photoelectric devices in the detection and measurement of thermo-acoustic phenomena; Design and installation of flame detection system in power plant; Development of monitoring control and data acquisition system (SCADA) software. In addition, he has hosted and participated in a number of EU and Italian government research projects. Mr. Antonio is introduced in full scale test on the gas turbine combustor helmholtz resonator, the report pointed out that in the gas turbine combustor used in full size, for vibration attenuation thermo-acoustic, put a lot of helmholtz resonator, the resonator assumes the circular distribution, the damping capacity of helmholtz resonator through a connection channel connected to the combustion chamber, its vibration frequency can be adjusted, resulting in a simple way to achieve the best vibration reduction. Finally, Mr. Antonio gave a comparative diagram of the experimental results and analyzed it, leaving a deep impression on the teachers and students present.
  Mr. Antonio's wonderful report triggered a heated discussion among the teachers and students of the energy research institute. The discussion was intense and full of academic atmosphere.

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