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Visiting of Prof. Ulrich Maas from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany to our University
Date:2017-12-22 | View:

  Professor Ulrich Maas from Karlsruher Institute for Technology was invited to do a presentation about“Hierarchical Models for the Coupling of Chemical Kinetics, Molecular Transport, and Flow” in December 21st at Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University.Prof. He Zhixia, the associate dean of Institute for Energy of Jiangsu University, hosted the presentation. Teachers and students from Institute for Energy of Jiangsu University, School of Energy and Power Engineering and School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering listened to the presentation.

  In this presentation,Prof. Maas presents an overview over our resent progress on hierarchical model reduction concepts for laminar and turbulent flame modeling and shows how detailed models can be used to solve simple generic flow configurations and how the obtained information can be used to devise simplified models both for the chemical kinetics and the turbulence chemistry-interaction based on a mathematical system analysis. Various examples are considered ranging from droplet ignition over flame-wall interaction to modeling of turbulent flows. These examples validate the approach.

  Ulrich Maas studied chemistry at Heidelberg University and got his PhD in 1988 in the field of Physical Chemistry. After that he was a Post-doctor at Cornell University (USA), and then continued his work on combustion at Stuttgart University (Germany). He obtained his Habilitation in 1994. Then he worked at the Zuse-Center in Berlin (Germany). In 1996 he became full professor at Stuttgart University and since 2003 he is full professor at Karlsruhe University (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

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