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Congratulations to the 5 researchers from Institute for energy research for the sixty-second batch support of general project of Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation funding
Date:2017-11-15 | View:

  In November 13, 2017, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation announced the personnel list of the sixty-second batch of Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Five researchers from Institute for energy research, Jiangsu University includingXiaojieShe, JiaYan, MingZhang, JiabiaoLianand WeiqiZhangobtain this funding.1 of them get the first class funding, whileothersget the second class. This batch of funding funded 3445postdoctoral researchers,in which 502 peopleget first class (80 thousand yuan per person), while 2943 people get second class (50 thousand yuan per person).

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