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Attend in ILASS-Euro 2017
Date:2017-09-11 | View:

  28thInternational Conference of liquid atomization and spray system in Europe (ILASS-Euro 2017) was successfully held in CMT - Motores Térmicos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia on 5th-8th September 2017.
  The annual conference attracted people from different countries and regionsin the field of spray research.After strict selection, 135 oral presentationsfocused on spray atomization, droplets, burning and experimental techniques et al were shown in the conference.
  Master student Cao Jiawei from professor He Zhixia workgroup in the energy institute gave an oral presentation which title is “Study of the soot quantification for two-stage injection of diesel in aconstant-volume combustion chamber” in the conference.Latest investigation of the industry and academia gave us a unique view to the research field. Further communication with the international scholars extend the worldwide influence of Jiangsu University in some extent.


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