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Prof. He-Xing Li from Shanghai Normal University Visited Jiangsu University
Date:2016-08-30 | View:

  On Jul 12, 2016, Prof. He-Xing Li, the principal of Shanghai University of Electric Power and the Prof of Shanghai Normal University, visited Jiangsu University and made an academic report in lecture hall of Institute for Energy Research on “Clean Organic Synthesis of the Heterogeneous Catalyst for Waste Water Treatment”.

  Prof. Li introduced the main work of his research group in recent years during the lecture. First, he talked about the design and synthesis of high efficiency heterogeneous catalyst based on an unusual technology, including mesoporous metals, organic metal, small organic molecule, multifunctional catalyst and light catalyst with multistage structure. Then, he presented the synthesis of clean heterogeneous water medium with concept of the green chemistry, with which the environment can be protected and the catalyst can be recycled.

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