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Prof. Cheng Yan from Queensland University of Technology visited Jiangsu University
Date:2016-01-06 | View:

  On 6th Jan. 2016, invited by Institute for Energy Research, Prof. Cheng Yan visited Jiangsu University and gave a report on ‘Fabrication and characterization of carbon-based nanocomposites’. The audiences from Institute for Energy Research, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, and School of Energy and Power Engineering attended the lecture and had a warm discussion and deep reflection with Prof. Yan.

  Dr. Cheng Yan is the Professor of Queensland University of Technology. He obtained his PhD degree in Sydney University in 1998. Currently Prof. Zhang is the Vice chairman of Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (Australia), Committee member of the Australian Fracture Group, and QUT representative for the Queensland Government Composite Materials Development Plan. He has published more than 140 scientific papers in journals including Nano Letters, Nano Energy etc. He was awarded ARC Australian Research Fellowship and now he is listed on well-known international journals’ editorial board such as Composite Communications, Materials Technology, Graphene and so on.

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