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Prof. Shanqing Zhang visited Jiangsu University and was offered ‘Part-time Professor’
Date:2016-01-05 | View:

     On 5th Jan. 2016, Prof. Shanqing Zhang from Griffith University visited Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University and was offered ‘Part-time Professor’. The appointment ceremony was held at conference center and Prof. Shouqi Yuan, the President of Jiangsu University awarded the certificate to Prof. Zhang.

  After the ceremony, Prof. Zhang gave a lecture entitled ‘Reforming lithium ion battery fabrication process via functionalization of binders’. In the lecture, Prof. Zhang introduced the importance of binders for electrode materials and the significant impacts on sustainable, efficient and low-cost energy storage systems. At last, he also discussed the issues on further cooperation with professors from Institute for Energy Research and School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering.


  Dr.Shanqing Zhang is the Professor of Griffith University. Currently Prof. Zhang is the Vice chairman of Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (Australia). He made a great contribution in the TiO2 electrode preparation and its photoelectrocatalysis, especially in the online water monitoring system and the development of photoelectrochemical analysis instruments. His research group mainly focused on energy storage and conversion (photoelectroccatalysis, lithium ion battery, sodium ion battery, lithium sulfur battery etc.). He has published over 110 papers in high impact journals including JACS, Nano Energy, Nano Research, Anal Chem, Environ Sci and Technol, Langmuir, Chem Commun. Prof. Zhang has 5 authorized international patents.

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