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Dr. Jingxia Qiu delivered the academic report after joining Jiangsu University
Date:2015-11-18 | View:

  Dr. Jingxia Qiu graduated from Griffith University (Australia), joined Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University this year and gave a lecture on ‘Hydrogenation nanocomposite for energy storage and conversion’ on 18th Nov. 2015. Part of researchers and graduate students from Institute for Energy Research and School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering attended the lecture.
  In this lecture, Dr. Qiu introduced a new technology-high temperature and high pressure hydrogenation of different kinds of materials to produce oxygen vacancies in the crystal lattice. It has played a key role in improving the stability, rate capability and energy density and the hydrogenated materials exhibited excellent performance for lithium ion batteries. Finally, she shared the studying and living experience during the 6 years study abroad in Australia. After the lecture, the audiences had very warm communication with Dr. Qiu.

  Dr. Qiu joined Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University as a researcher. She graduated from Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University, Australia and got her PhD degree in Feb. 2015. She worked as postdoctoral fellow at School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland, Australia for one year. Her research interests mainly focus on the fabrication of new energy materials and their application on energy storage (Lithium ion battery, Sodium ion battery, Lithium-sulfur battery, etc.). She had published 26 academic papers, and the total citation number was 468 and h-index was 13. She was awarded the ‘2014 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad’ by China Scholarship Council.

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