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Professor Yuyin Zhang gave a report in our school
Date:2015-11-14 | View:

  On November 13th, because of the invitation of Institute for Energy Research, Prof. Yuyin Zhang came to give a report named “Liquid fuel atomization and evaporation and laser diagnosis technology”, which was hosted by Zhixia He, the vice president of Institute for Energy Research. Some of the teachers and students of Institute for Energy Research and the School of Energy and Power Engineering participated in the report.

   Prof. Zhang gave some hotspot issues of liquid fuel atomization and evaporation in his report, and explained the advantages and difficulties of Flash Boiling Spray emphatically. He explained simultaneous measurement of two-phase flow of gas and liquid in cylinder by using laser technique, two wavelength laser absorption and scattering image analysis technique for multi component of fuel two-phase flow of gas and liquid with colorful pictures.  
  Yuyin Zhang, the professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is a doctoral supervisor and major in spray combustion in engine and its laser test. He is graduated from Hiroshima University as a doctor, and majored in mobile phenomenon engineering. He used to be a visiting scholar of the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, and worked in Hiroshima University, Colorado School of Mines, Tokyo Electric University and finally became a professor in Institute of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He had published more than 140 papers on high level journals around the world, and published monograph "Tubular Combustion". He also have 10 patents. The paper about two wavelength laser absorption and scattering method has been quoted by more than ten authoritative journals like “Science”, and he won the States SAE “Outstanding Paper Award”. Prof. Zhang used to be the scientific research fund evaluation expert of JSPS, and secretary of the engine technical committee of JSME. Now, he is the member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermal Physics, Chinese Society for Measurement of Multiphase Flow Test Committee and China Optical Engineering Society, at the same time he is also the editorial board of the journal” Experimental Fluid Mechanics”, director of North American Association of Chinese internal Combustion Engine, North American Association of Chinese Automobile Engineers and so on.

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