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Prof Meng Ni Visited Jiangsu University
Date:2015-08-20 | View:

  On 20th Aug, 2015, Prof. Meng Ni was invited to give a lecture on the topic “Modeling and analysis of SOFC” for the faculty and graduates from IER, SCCE and SEPE. Prof. Zhixia He, the vice dean of IER, hosted the seminar.

  Dr Meng Ni is an associate professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU). He obtained his Ph.D from Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU in 2007, then he worked as a post-doc at HKU from Sept 2007 to Jun 2009. Dr Ni joined HKPU as an assistant professor on July 2009, then was appointed as associate professor in 2012. Dr Ni’s research interests are mainly focused on the modeling and analysis of SOFC and other related electrochemical energy conversion device. For his research, Dr Ni has published more than 90 papers in international academic journals, which are cited by other researchers for over 3,000 times. He works as a peer reviewer for over 50 international journals, and the editor of 8 of them. He is also the associate Editors-in-Chief of Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessment (Elseviers) and Science Bulletin. Dr Ni won the Hongkong Science Association Award for young scientists in 2007, and the Best Reviewer of Applied Energy (SCI, IF>5) in 2011.

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