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Associate Professor Xu Hui was Selected as the Most Influential International Academic Paper of China in 2013
Date:2015-03-16 | View:

  On Sep. 26th, 2014, the press conference of Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations has been held in Beijing, and the “China most influential international academic papers of 2013” has been published. The paper entitled “Novel visible-light-driven AgX/graphite-like C3N4 (X = Br, I) hybrid materials with synergistic photocatalytic activity, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2013, 129, 182-193”, which was published by associate professor Xu Hui as the first author, has been selected. This is the unique academic paper got this award in our university since 2010. Up to now, this paper has been cited 97 times and was selected as the TOP 1% highly cited papers.

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