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Professor Keiya NISHIDA Visited Jiangsu University and was Offered Part-time Professor
Date:2014-12-08 | View:

  On Dec. 8th, 2014, Prof. Keiya NISHIDA, professor of Hiroshima University, visited Jiangsu University and delivered lecture named “The application of laser diagnosis technology in the combustion process of diesel engine”. Prof. Keiya NISHIDA was hired part-time professor of Jiangsu University. Prof. Shouqi Yuan, the president of Jiangsu University, awarded the certificate to the part-time professor of Jiangsu University.
  In Prof. Keiya NISHIDA’s report, he reviewed the forefront development and application of the new generation of laser diagnosis technology in the combustion process of diesel engine field. After the report, Prof. Keiya NISHIDA discussed with the professors and students of Jiangsu University.
  Prof. Keiya NISHIDA was the members of Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Society of Automotive Engineers, Japanese Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, The Combustion Institute of Japanese, The Heat Transfer Society of Japan, The Japan Institute of Metals, Japan Marine Engineering Institutions, Society of Automotive Engineers, and The Combustion Institute. He won many prizes in the meeting of the related field, such as CIMAC Congress, SAE, JSA and JSME.

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