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Prof. Lixing Zhou from Tsinghua University Visited Our University
Date:2014-11-12 | View:

  Prof. Lixing Zhou (Tsinghua University) was invited to visit Jiangsu University and gave a series of lectures entitled “The Numerical Simulation of Two-phase turbulence flow and combustion” during Nov.10th to 12th, 2014. More than 200 teachers and students of attended this report.
  In Prof. Zhou’s report, he introduced large eddy simulation of turbulent flow, multiphase flow, combustion and other related knowledge and conceptions. Prof. Zhou’s academic attainments on combustion and multiphase-flow were highly praised by the presented teachers and students. After the reports, Prof. Tang went into profound discussions with the audience and answered their questions enthusiastically.
  Prof. Zhou, enjoying the Government's Subsidy, is a member of Tsinghua University, working at the Department of Engineering Mechanics of School of Aerospace. He is one of the leaders whom research on combustion and multi-phase turbulent flow. Prof. Tang has published 1 English monograph and 5 Chinese monographs, and published more than 260 papers in journal at home and abroad in which more than 70 articles were published on SCI and more than 140 articles were published on EI.

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