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Prof. Zhixia He Attended the 3th International Cavitation Seminar and the Advisory Committee Meeting in the U.K.
Date:2014-11-08 | View:

  In Nov 3th to 7th, 2014, Prof. Zhixia He, from the Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University, accepted the invitation and subsidization of City University London and visited to London to attend the Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting of International Cavitation Research Institute and the 3th International Cavitation Seminar.
  Prof. He introduced Jiangsu Universtiy and Institute for Energy research. She made an oral report on the diesel engine nozzle jet cavitation, and drew great attention and interests of the experts of internal combustion engine and cavitation research field. Through the report, peers at home and abroad had a further understanding about Jiangsu University. They offered sufficient affirmation to the work and achievements made by Jiangsu University in cavitation research field. Further discussion and communication were carried out after the meeting and many constructive opinions greatly accepted by committee members were proposed.
  During the meeting, Prof. He exchanged with the delegates and established extensive contacts with them. The international conference gave a chance to exhibit the progress of work and learn advanced process in the related field. They finished the exchange successfully with high professional quality and expanded the influence of Jiangsu University, laying a good foundation for our power engineering and engineering thermophysics subjects.

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