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Our Graduates Attended the 11th International Conference on Hydrodynamics
Date:2014-10-25 | View:

  From Oct. 18th to 24th, 2014, the 11th International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD2014) was held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The Ph.D student Liang Zhang and master Zhuang Shao in our institute attended the annual conference and made oral reports.

  Organized by the Maritime Research Center of Nanyang Technological University, the conference included six branches such as cavitation flow, computational fluid dynamics, and sustainable development of urban water environment and so on. There are more than 210 academic papers at home and abroad. Prof. Zhixia He, from the Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University, accepted the invitation of cavitation flow section and submitted two papers about their group’s latest research achievements in cavitation flow field to exchange. The oral reports of Liang Zhang named “Investigation of the internal flow and spray characteristics from diesel nozzle with different needle shapes” and Zhuang Shao’s oral report named “Experimental study of cavitating flow inside vertical multi-hole nozzles with different length-diameter ratios using diesel and biodiesel” were lively discussed and fully confirmed by the experts.
  During the meeting, they exchanged with the delegates and established extensive contacts with them. We shown the participants the progress of our research work and also expanded the influence of Jiangsu University within international counterparts.

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