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Prof. Zhixia He Visited Wujiang, Suzhou to Attend the ILASS-Aisa 2014 International Conference
Date:2014-10-30 | View:

  In Oct 26th to 29th, 2014, Prof. Zhixia He, from the Institute for Energy research of Jiangsu University, with Shengli Wei and Xianyin Leng and dozens of graduate students in their group, visited Wujiang, Suzhou to attend the ILASS-Aisa 2014 international conference.

  Since the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray System (ILASS) established in 1971, branches appeared in different regions and countries. The ILASS academic annual conference is held every three years, while the branches in different regions organize the academic annual conferences every year. The ILASS-Aisa annual conference has been held 17 times so far.

  There were more than 100 experts and students from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and mainland attending and exchanging in the ILASS-Aisa 2014 international conference. It was a grand Symposium for the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray System in Asia. The latest developments and technologies of the research and applications of atomization were shown in the conference. And the conference played a positive role for the development of liquid atomization and combustion engineering.

  During the meeting, Prof. He exchanged with the delegates deeply. Xianyin Leng, Liang Zhang, Nian Li, Zhisheng Gao, Yuhang Chen, Liming Dai and Xicheng Tao read out their papers respectively which attracted attention of the experts. The domestic and foreign counterparts gave full affirmation to the work and achievements done by Jiangsu University in the research of atomization. Teachers and students finished the exchange successfully with high professional quality and expanded the influence of Jiangsu University, laying a good foundation for the power engineering and engineering thermophysics subjects.

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