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Prof. Zidong Wei from Chongqing University Visited Our University
Date:2014-10-28 | View:

  On Oct. 28th, 2014, Prof. Zidong Wei, professor of Cheung Kong Scholars in Chongqing University, visted Jiangsu University and delivered lecture named “Electrochemical Catalysis and Fuel Cells” at the auditorium of Department of Chemisty & Chemistry Energineer.

  In Prof. Wei’s report, he reviewed the past decade work of his research team, and demonstrated the improvement of activity and stability of PEMFC platimum-based catalysts, and the development of cheaper non-platium catalysts. After the report, Dr. Zidong Wei discussed with the professors and students of Jiangsu University.

  Prof. Zidong Wei is the president and doctoral tutor of Department of Chemisty & Chemistry Energineer of Chonnqing University, the professor Cheung Kong Scholars of the Minstry of Education. His research focuses on the fuel cells, electrochemical reaction engineering, new energy materials chemistry, and etc. He has ever presided two of the “975” national major fundamental research program, four of the “863” national high technology project, two of the national natural science fund major project and so on, and he was awarded a number of honors nationally. Prof. Wei has published more than SCI 100 papers, and he was listed in the national “pacesetter engineering in the new century”. Prof. Zidong Wei is an editorial board member of Chemistry Online and Asian Journal of Energy.


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