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Dr. Shaojun Guo from the USA National Laboratory Oppenheimer Visited Jiangsu University
Date:2014-10-18 | View:

  On October 18th, Dr. Shaojun Guo from the Los Almos (LANL) Oppenheimer National Laboratory was invited to Jiangsu University and gave an lecture entitled “The research of the functional nanocrystalline energy devices and sensor”. The 100 teachers and students from the Institute for Energy Research and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering joined the lecture.
  In Dr. Guo’s report, he introduced that the performance enhancement and applications of the fuel cell, the lithium ion battery and the sensor through the design of special nanocrystalline and the control of nanocrystalline size, shape, composition and structure. After the meeting, Dr. Guo discussed with the teachers and students of Jiangsu University.
  Dr. Guo is mainly engaged in solar cells, fuel cells, photo detectors and other fields. His doctoral dissertation won 2012 China Academy of Sciences excellent doctoral dissertation. So far has been published 125 papers on the international famous academic journals, such as Chem. Soc. Rev., Acc. Chem. Res., JACS, Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem., Nano Lett. and so on, including 3 articles of VIP, 23 articles of high frequency article Top 1% and 5 articles of ESI hot article Top 1%. His published articles were cited more than 7000 times, with the H index of 45. He won the European Union Marie Curie Scholars in 2013, the Oppenheimer Distinguished Scholars of America Los-ala Moss National Laboratory and many other important academic awards and honors. In June 2014, he was selected the 2014 global highly cited scientists list published by Thomson Reuters and was named the one of the word’s top 200 chemists during the period of 2002 to 2014.

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