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Professor Xuejiao Hu Visited Jiangsu University
Date:2014-09-26 | View:

  On Sep 26th, 2014, Prof. Xuejiao Hu was hired as part-time professor of Jiangsu University, and gave a lecture on nano-functional materials for heat transfer and utilization. Prof. Shouqi Yuan, the president of Jiangsu University, awarded the certificate to the part-time professor of Jiangsu University.
  In Prof. Hu’s report, he introduced application and future development prospects of nano-function materials in the field of thermal energy conversion, transportation and manupulation. After the report, Dr. Xuejiao Hu discussed with the professors and students of Jiangsu University.
  Dr. Prof. Hu is a vice president of the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering in Wuhan University. He got his Ph.D degree from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Stanford University USA. He was a Sr. Packaging (thermal) engineer at Intel. He was selected into Recruitment Program of Global Experts in 2013. He focuses on developing and utilizing of clean and sustainable energy, cooling and packaging of microelectronic and optoelectronic system, environment detecting based on laser and etc, He has published a series of academic papers on top journals.

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