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题目:The Energy 4.0: A Coming Era of High Hope and Thought Provocation
主讲人:李献国 院士(加拿大滑铁卢大学)
主讲概况:Prof. Li is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Prof. Li’s research interests and activities are in the area of thermal fluid/science, including energy systems and energy storage, various energy conversion devices, propulsion and power generation systems, aerosol generation and applications, and transportation fuel cell and battery systems.  He is an academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME), and serves as the CSME Division Chair for the Advanced Energy Systems Technical Division.
主讲内容:Energy has been fuelling human civilization since early days of human existence, and represents the quality of life and degree of development for human civilization. However, energy is a double-edge sword, while it brings wealth and welfare to our society, its side effect has significant negative social, economic and environmental impact, including the pressing issue of climate change encompassing global warming and climate variability leading to extreme weather conditions with severe damages.  In the coming wave of The Industry 4.0, a concept originated from Germany and having been embraced around the world, energy would play a dominant role in its development and implementation. As a result, the concept of The Energy 4.0 has been envisioned. In this talk, the evolution of energy systems and prospect and attributes of The Energy 4.0 era will be described.

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