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Prof. Lawrence Yoon Suk Lee学术报告会
太阳成集团:2019-04-18 | 浏览次数: 次

题目: Earth-abundant nanostructures for efficient water splitting
主讲: Prof. Lawrence Yoon Suk Lee
地点:太阳成集团 1517报告厅
主讲概况:Lawrence Yoon Suk Lee是香港理工大学应用生物与化工系助理教授。他在韩国高丽大学开始本科学习,后转到加拿大蒙特利尔的康考迪亚大学并于2001年获得学士学位。2006年,他获得加拿大麦吉尔大学物理化学专业的博士学位。在香港理工大学任数年博士后和研究助理教授之后,他于2013年开始在香港理工大学担任助理教授。他的研究兴趣在发展地球上丰度较大的元素组成的纳米材料,以及这些材料在能源转化和存储中的应用。他的主要工作围绕着构建光催化、析氢(HER)和析氧(OER)所需的纳米结构。迄今在Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Applied Catalysis A, Nano Energy, Langmuir等学术期刊发表SCI论文44篇,被引用840多次,H-index为17。

主讲内容:Driven by the growing needs for clean and sustainable energy source, a number of energy conversion technologies have been extensively explored over recent years, including water splitting, fuel cell, and metal ion batteries. In particular, water splitting reaction, consisting of hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER), is considered as a promising and efficient way to produce clean energy carrier, hydrogen, to meet the energy demands. So far, most efficient catalysts developed for both HER and OER make use of noble metals, which largely hinders their wide application due to high cost and limited availability.
Semiconductors based on earth-abundant elements offer an economically-viable platform for photocatalytic chemical and energy conversions. However, many of them have suffered from the limited light absorption due to their wide band gap energy, fast charge recombination rate, and/or inadequate band structure for target reactions. In this talk, the strategies we develop to overcome these drawbacks will be presented.

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