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Joint Workshop between Jiangsu University and Hong Kong Universities
太阳成集团:2015-12-09 | 浏览次数: 次

Dec.14, 2015

Part I : Academic Lectures 
Lecture Hall 1517, Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu Unviersity

8:30-9:30   Prof. Michael Leung (City University of Hong Kong):
Enhancement of solar photocatalysis by fuel cell integration

9:45-10:45  Prof. Dennis Leung (University of Hong Kong):
Conversion of CO2 to fuel by a novel reversible dual electrolyte microfluidic cell

11:00-12:00 Lab tour

Part II :  Presentations and Discussions    
Meeting Room 1501,  Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu Unviersity

14:00-14:30  Prof. Zhixia He (Jiangsu University):
Introduction of Jiangsu University, Institute for Energy Research and related research on energy in IER

14:30-14:50  Dr. Qian Xu (Jiangsu University):
Performance enhancement of flow batteries using non-aqueous electrolyte

14:50-15:10  Prof. Meng Ni(Hong Kong Polytechnic University):
Numerical modeling and analysis on SOFC

15:10-15:30  Dr. Jingxia Qiu (Jiangsu University):
Blue hydrogenated Li4Ti5O12 as a promising anode material for high-rate performance lithium ion batteries

15:30-16:00  Discussions on future cooperations

Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University

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