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  1.Jiangsu province cooperative innovation - prospective project of joint research: Key technology research on oil and gas coaxial jet direct injection combustion system in LNG engine, 2015.1-2018.12
  2.Enterprise commissioned project: Research on key technology of medium speed diesel engine, 2009-2011
  3.Wei-Fu hi-tech group Limited by Share of Wuxi: Spray test of injection system of SCR urea, 2014.8-2014.12
  4.Jiangsu Zhao-He Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. project: Design of an axial fan used in ship, 2013.6-2014.6
  5.Zhenjiang social development project: Design of a high efficient carbon and nitrogen based photocatalytic material and its application on degradation of organic pollutants in water environment, 2011-2013
  6.Zhenjiang social development project: Research of nano-photocatalyst degradation the lasting of organic poison to environment, 2006-2009
  7.Zhenjiang international cooperation projects: Direct injection combustion technology and equipment for LNG ship engine, with Oil and gas coaxial jet ignition, 2014.7-2016.6

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